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Brain chip from Elon Musk can do what a new company he opens next robots in the theatre the coolest underwater robots artificial intelligence Tracking drone pilots and other high-tech know want to worth w ed revealed some of the capabilities of the neuralink 4.0 chip answering questions on his Twitter so according to musk the implantable neuralink chip will allow you to listen to music directly from your brain as well as help control hormone levels and other biochemical mediator to improve the physical and mental well-being the chip implementation will be fully automated an only slightly more complex than Laser vision corrections correction today neuralink actively employed specialist in robot technology histology and wearable devices the details of the device for the effect of symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence must promise to reveal 28th August e mean time meantime musk is going to start a major insurance company specifically for Tesla’s clients the insurance plan will be selected individually by intelligent algorithms evaluating eat drivers driving style moreover the neural networks

Also advise drivers on how to reduce their e fur t time time SpaceX was able to return both parts of its missile nose fairing to the ground using ships equipped with special Nets this was another Milestone in reusable rocket technology and save the company approximately 6 million dollars by the way during the last launch which took place on July 20th the 57th successful Landing of the first stage of the launch vehicle was the s way k the Swedish theatre group created the production of the last fish but officials did not like the use of the big industrial manipulator a b b in the production they demanded that the performance be shut down demanding that the same security measures be used on state as the industrial Enterprise IE the robot must work in a cage and a human being must not interact physically with it either artists went to court and one won the group works with the robot company Dino robotics to program the manipulator and learn to interact

It as safely as possible the robot is now the 8th member of their troupe not real Aquabot robotic Transformers escaped from NASA’s pull into open water and underwent a series of tests the Aquanaut is a personal robot capable of acting as an automated submersible or robotic arm the robot is equipped with multiple sensors for environmental perception and its own safety systems which decide what to do with this data in submersive mode the Aquanaut can travel up to 200 km in a single Mission mapping the seafloor in verifying the structure of vast areas while controlling the vertical thrust inspecting the surrounding space with a 360 degree 360 degree rotating head unit transforming into the 2 on robot the Aquanaut is capable of Performing complex manipulations without remote controls with the operator giving the command with a simple car rney Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook AI research have created a common sense navigation system for robot the navigation system called simp exp use uses the principle of machine learning to

The robot to recognize objects and understand where in the house what objects Maybe may be according to researchers it allows the machine to think strategically and turn on it’s head this this Common Sense tells you that if you’re looking for a refrigerator you’d better go to the kitchen rather than the of Rowe robot has reached its limits the truth is only the speed of movement having learned to walk at an average speed of 2.1 metres per second researchers say that this is the maximum speed for the robot as of today for d 40 from Ghost robotics can bring a pair of bags of coal for a barbecue wearing more than 10 kg 10 kg and it’s also able to keep balance sometimes in unstructured to rain but it does not know how to turn from back to stomach it’s a good thing he doesn’t need the skill because he’s symmetrical Roy d t Leo robot from FNP robotics is a mobile robotic platform with a multi-function manipulator especially designed to

With a person and help him maintain his daily tasks the robot is already deployed in several medical facilities where operates operate autonomously helping staff and patients on a daily basis the mobile personal robot is able to recognize and communicate with people move independently and take and transport objects on its own react to voice command and is Ray Israel I’ve developed a neural network capable of finding the Drone operator the accuracy of the algorithm is currently over 80% 80 per-cent the system analyzes the trajectory and features a specific area such as an airport the neural network to text the tiniest features of the drones flight and makes an assumption when it’s within sight of its operator and when it leaves or is close by an obstacle this data helps to assume the location of the hi Japanese robot made its first steps the parameters of the steel headless robot are being compiled height more than 18 m distance from wrist to fingertip almost to me meet together with its head the robot will weigh about way about 25 tons the

Are talking about 24 degrees of freedom of Limbs of the giant this means the robot will be able to move around almost any terrain without any know Air ab Emirates s Emirates were the first Arab countries to launch the machine on Mars with the help of the AI Amahl and the researchers are going to study the weather formation on the red planet during the year it was launched from the Japanese Spaceport on the island of Tanna gashima designed by Arab scientist and Engineers the probe should reach the planet by 2021 all also launched its Mission to Mars with the first Mars Rover on board the six wheels he and when one robot robot will spend several months orbiting the planet Wok Chinese Engineers study the weather conditions for the safest Landing the Mars rover will study the geology of the region at surface and shallow depth depths t on one one weighs about 240 kg and is powered by solar panels it has a camera for surveying and navigating on

Mast and there are five tools on board to assess the composition of local rocks and find water in ice the Rover is only half of the mission as a spacecraft is bring it to Mars will also study the planet from orbit using a set of 7 remote sensing urger and by and Bosch are developing a robot to collect soft fruit vegetables and berries raspberries in particular the device uses multiple cameras for a global look at the bushes and recognize the berries while local increase the awareness of the manipulators and support the assembly process artificial intelligence software evaluates the rightness size colour and number of other Barry parameters as well as the number of berries left on the bush 3D bioprinting Solutions will develop technology to create chicken meat for KFC using a 3D bioprinter this Autumn it is plan to create laboratory nuggets keeping them as close as possible in taste texture and appearance for 3D bioprinting will be using

Sales and raw plant materials the meat will have the same micro nutrient content but with no additives allowed in traditional farming nor any animal struck by the sea g by the Soviet walking excavator the video about the Esh 645 excavator which corroded but it’s still walking along the queries of The Horde olinsky Mining and processing combine was caught by the editors of the drive American website they made the 280 Town Car Town Car a star on YouTube the Soviet S6 for s 645 e s h was created in 1979 a total of 6 units

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